Tapestries of Life’s Poetries - Anthony Urzia

by Anthony Urzia

I look up to the sad night sky,
Dreaming about having a loyal companion,
To which I will cherish to the end of my days,
I will not cry for I am a champion.

The love inside of me can move planets and stars,
I am true and have no lustful desire,
For lust is a sin and God I will please,
My heart is not made of ice, or made of fire.

I will never bring my love any harm or unjust,
To my unfound princess of light,
Honour and respect is what flows through my veins,
Adam and Eve's ancient sin I will fight.

Make a wish on a lonely shooting star,
I will be led by faith and follow The Lord,
One day I will find my true love,
I shall quit my fighting for her, so I don't die by the sword.

­-Heroes Lament, Anthony Urzia

A literary interplay of lyrical prose and metrical verses harmoniously weave together in Tapestries of Life’s Poetries, a posthumous anthology craftily weaved by poet Anthony Urzia. Like an orchestra conductor flawlessly leading a symphony of rhymes, tempos and stanzas, Urzia regales the reader with one poem after the other. Most of Urzia’s works talk about his suffering and torment as he struggled in his desire to be free of pain. He was searching for answers and sought guidance in religion. He sought motivation by reading the Bible and most of his poems also reveal his spiritual side. Both the lyrical and spiritual are traversed by Urzia in the interstices of this splendidly-spun anthology.

Anthony and Me

by Vincenzina Urzia

Anthony and Me by author Vincenzina Urzia shares the moving memoir of her son Anthony and his struggles and battles with drug addiction. He was her second baby boy. As a normal kid growing up, Anthony attended play group, school, and played sport. Everything was going well for the Urzia family until at the age of fourteen, Anthony started using marijuana. It slowly progresses into other drugs as well and it went on for

While on drugs, Anthony was not the same person anymore. Drugs really changed him. About four years after abusing drugs, he was diagnosed with psychosis and schizophrenia, a mental illness that no mother wants to watch her child go through. Anthony’s death took a heavy toll for a mother like Vincenzina. She is still struggling to accept the fact that her son is gone forever. She could still feel the pain and loss from deep inside her heart.